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(Past Projects)
(Past Projects)
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== Past Projects ==
== Past Projects ==
Ace Hotel - Pittsburgh  
* Ace Hotel - Pittsburgh  
Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) - 511 Building
* Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) - 511 Building
Sokol Blosser - Tasting Room  
* Sokol Blosser - Tasting Room  
Zembrodt House  
* [http://www.mcinturf.info/#/zmbrt-hse/ Zembrodt House]
[Indian Hill Swim Club]
* [http://www.mcinturf.info/#/ihc-swm/ Indian Hill Swim Club]
== Have Something to About Neal?==
== Have Something to About Neal?==

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Neal Harrod is an American born architect and designer. He has worked for the past 8 years in traditional architecture firms and currently for the past 3 as a designer and architect for ace hotels internal design team, Atelier Ace. Currently he is more interested in space than architecture and the affects of Subversive comedy and natural curiosity through exploration . This is serious. Don't take yourself so seriously.

Early Life and Education

Harrod grew up in Mansfield, Ohio - well known for this and this. Neal attended the university of Cincinnati college of design architecture art and planning where he earned a degree - BS in Architecure - and later a Masters in Architecture.


Past Projects

Have Something to About Neal?

Ok. Sneal the deal. Let's chat.




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