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Neal Harrod is an American born architect and designer. He has worked for the past 8 years in traditional architecture firms and currently for the past 3 as a designer and architect for Ace Hotel's internal design team, Atelier Ace.

Early Life and Education

Harrod grew up in Mansfield, Ohio - well known for this and this. Neal attended the University of Cincinnati, College of Design Architecture Art and Planning where he earned a Masters in Architecture.


Ace Hotel / Atelier Ace - Architect / Designer
  • New York City and Portland, Oregon: Current
Allied Works Architecture - Designer
  • Portland, Oregon: 2010-2013
Dorell Ghotmeh Tane Architects - Junior Designer
  • Paris, France: 2009
Michael McInturf Architects - Entry Level Architect
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: 2007-2008
William McDounough + Partners - Architectural Intern
  • Charlottesville, Virginia: 2006

Completed Projects

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